Ways to Hide IP Address Safe

There are various reasons that why a person wants to hide their IP (Internet Protocol) address on the internet server. The utmost reasons for hiding IP address is for the privacy purpose. There is a quite huge circle of those people who don’t want that their surfing habits get tracked, monitored or may be recorded by others. INTERNET-PRIVACY

Another top common reason for IP hider program on the internet is to get around those usage restrictions that are actually put in place by some repressive governments. You may, believe it or not, there are various governments around different countries that restrict people to access certain websites.

There are many effective and safe ways to hide your Internet Protocol address but Hide IP Address Safe is considered as one of the best and most effective one. It is an extremely easy to use software with a quite friendly and simple user interface. With only one click you can surf the web and run the things in the way you want.

At the present time, there are more than 49 thousand customers all over the world who are using Hide IP Address Safe with full trust and honourability. Hide IP Address Safe is best to use as because it provides great legal privacy protection, thus, no one can know that what you are actually doing online. That gives you an elegant chance to do whatever you want and surf on the internet without any kinds of worries.

Top elegant features that you can get in Hiding IP Address Safe

The wide availability of IP addresses:

The utmost feature that you can get in Hide My IP Address Safe is a wide availability of IP address. You will get more than 50 IP address from 30 different countries that include UK, USA, France, Canada, Italy, Russia, Hong Kong, Portugal, Brasil, Chile, Netherland, Japan and as well as many other also. This will provide you a wide choice to select the country that you prefer more and that is actually needed.

Nice user interface:

hide ip address safe software

If you are not an expert in these technical things, then also you don’t have to worry because the Hide My IP Address Safe tool is quite simple to use and can be nicely used by both professional or unprofessional users.

With just one click you can enjoy the benefits of exotic and elegant services that is being offered by this tool. Automatically, select those addresses of IP’s that you actually used last time when you have started. Reconnect automatically whenever a connection is interrupted.

Completely featured and customized:

This feature allows you to easily select the applications that you actually want to hide for traffic or you can also redirect all traffic sources to your PC.

In addition, to this, you can also keep an IP hider program address for as long as you want and let the Hide My IP Address Safe tool to select a new IP address in every 1, 4, 30 and as well as in 60 minuted times automatically.

Effective protection of privacy:

The main reason behind the consideration of Hide My IP Address Safe is because of its overall privacy safety measures. It is quite much above if ever compared to other IP hiders.

Almost, all traffic between you and all servers are highly encrypted and as well as DNS lookups are also get restricted, that allows you to surf the web without an issue and provides your system a highly level protection from getting traced.

How can you hide your IP address with the help of Hide IP Address Safe Software?

Well, this is a great  question, but nothing is quite typical in all this hiding procedure as Hide My IP Address Safe tool has a quite simple user interface. You have to just do is to first choose an IP address that may you like and press the connect button. That’s it after this your system gets directly connected to a new IP address.

As you connected to the new IP address then it will also show different locations, you can easily see that on the left side of the software interface. After this, all the data transfer process gets highly encrypted and secured with high speed. Nobody will know that who you are, what you are doing and from where you are.

This gives you a complete freedom to run the web without any further resistance and obstacle. In addition, to this Hide, My IP Address Safe is quite fast and safe as compared to other IP hiders as it blocks unwanted popups and extension.

But if you are looking forward to other IP hider program then they can charge you quiet more with zero level of surfing experience. You will face unwanted pop-ups and extension and as well as very slow net connections. So, if you are actually looking for an IP hider software then Hide My IP Address Safe is the perfect and elegant choice that you can easily make.

A Review of IP Hiding Software

What is an IP address and why would you want to hide it?
An IP address is given to your personal computer to identify it among the multitudes of computer systems using the internet. As such, you can think of it as an identification number created specifically for your system. You may begin to understand why you would want to hide it.

The internet is highly valued for its supposed anonymity. You can go to whatever website you want, watch whatever videos you want, join whatever forums you want, download anything you want and generally do anything you want without anyone knowing your activities and who you are. However, this is not exactly true. Websites are able to track your IP address. They will be able to find out who you are through this. Once a website identifies your IP address, different things may happen: they may ignore it, they may be able to track a history of your activities on the web, or they may even find personal information.

Finally, there are websites that are restricted to certain places only. Netflix and Hulu are prime examples, where if you are not in an area designated on the website, you will not be able to watch. This even applies to a lot of online games where there are different servers. Say, if you are currently living in Japan as an exchange student but would like to play on a US server, even if you do not care about your high ping or incessant lag, you wouldn’t have a choice of joining the US server.

With people generally wanting freedom in the virtual world, some particularly smart subsets found a way to get around the IP problem, by creating IP hiding software. These are programs that are meant to give you real anonymity, by hiding your IP address, your “identification number”, and allowing you to connect via a proxy. A proxy allows you to pick and choose which IP server to use, generating a completely new, unknown IP address from anywhere around the world.

Here is a review of 3 of the most popular of these programs:

HideMyIP is one of the most popular IP hiding software today. While it has a lot of advanced features, the important thing is that it gets the basics right. The installation is quite easy- if you have ever installed a program on a computer, you will not have a problem getting this to run. The user experience is quite consistent, and you will have decent enough speed without needing to worry about bandwidth. It is compatible with most if not all, the popular web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and will work with all types of internet connections be it wireless or dial-up.

You will have to pay for a subscription, and you will have to have a license for each of your computers. There is also a premium speed package available. However, it is definitely worth the price, as it keeps on being updated and is adding new proxy locations consistently. You will also be able to enjoy a stable connection- speed will be mostly dependent on the proxy server you choose, as always. It will work with SSL connections though you may have to change your proxy server in order for it to load.

Easy-Hide-IP is another very popular software to hide IP address. It is touted to have a lot of features yet still be Easy-Hide-IPuser-friendly enough to be efficient. Its interface is tabbed, giving you full view and operation of connections, servers and privacy log. Easy-Hide-IP allows you to switch servers seamlessly, and, most importantly, without limits. You will even be able to set intervals at which your connection’s server will switch randomly in order for optimum safety.

Some antivirus software programs may identify it as a Trojan Horse virus, but do not be alarmed- this is simply due to the nature of the program. As it has to reroute traffic through private servers, it follows the same course of a virus that will try to gather your personal information. Repair Installation will allow you to easily restore your original network settings should you run into any problems. Finally, you will also have to purchase a license for each desktop, though you will be allowed to use a single license for one computer or tablet plus one phone.

3.HideMyAss VPN
HideMyAss goes one step forward, monitoring even bit torrent clients, shutting them down when a connection ishide-my-ass compromised, leaving no window of opportunity for your real IP address to be exposed, which happens when connection is suddenly lost.

However, in general, HideMyAss rarely suffers any dropouts in connection, with customer service very quick to respond if it ever does happen. The interface is also very simple, as is the installation All in all, it is a reliable enough IP hiding software for a lower cost than most, and is in the same tier as the other two mentioned.

iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy Note 5

It has only been six months since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has made their appearances. In true Apple fashion, we, the consumers, are not allowed to have a breather and appreciate our brand new toys before the next model is starting to get leaked.iphone6s-rumoured-specifications-2

This is also true for the Samsung Galaxy series. Since the S3 has arguably become the true flagship of the company, the Galaxy series have been churning out model after model in the same fashion as Apple in order to compete with how fast our pockets can be drained.

At the end of the day, development of technology is inevitable and is the only way for evolution to continue its course as we become smarter, and our devices become better. In other words, we just can’t help it.

During the 6 series, the iPhone has been upgraded to an even higher definition display and more real estate. The iPhone 6 has a screen sized at 4.7 inches, and the iPhone 6 Plus sporting a 5.5 inch display to battle the Galaxy Note series. Apple has officially swooped into the realm of phablets, and they looked pretty darn good doing it.

Both Apple and Samsung are rumored to be re-entering the arena this fall, with the Note 5 in the Samsung corner and the 6S and 6S Plus in the Apple corner. It is very likely that the announcement of both models will happen very, very close to each other in what can be sugarcoated as friendly competition.

The iPhone series had a couple of facelifts on the way, most notably from the iPhone 5 series to the iPhone 6 series, where screen real estate was given more attention. The sides are narrower, giving way for the display. The phone has also become much thinner and a lot lighter, and much sleeker on that note. It’s no secret that the iPhone has always looked physically sharper than the bulkier Samsung competitors, though that may not be enough for them to come out on top.

The Galaxy Note has always prioritized screen estate above all else. Phablets are meant to give users the typical
phone experience while heightening the multimedia experience, giving more pleasure when it comes to gaming and Samsung-Galaxy-note-5watching videos. The Note 5 may be released with even higher resolution and may kick AMOLED up a notch to combat the iPhone’s usual IP LCD choice.

The Galaxy Note 5 will still look quite boxy, though may be a lot thinner and lighter. They may also be ditching the typical plastic casing and will be going for a metal finish, as was the case for the S6 and S6 Edge. If the Note 5 will be pushing forward with this design, it is no doubt that the phone will be absolutely gorgeous will be a much more serious competitor.


The Note 5 has been trying on different displays for size, and might be shooting for a 1440×2560 pixel resolution. It is a tossup between Quad HD and Ultra HD and honestly, they both sound pretty high definition to me.

The 6S series may retain the same size as the current 6 series although the kicker might be in the functions rather than the looks. The 6S series may begin to incorporate “force touch” which will allow many more gestures than what is currently available. This means that the pressure that you put on the screen will dictate what function it will cause.

The Galaxy Note 5 is also developing its camera, which is another important factor for Smartphone. As it stood, the iPhone series’ camera was snappier and quicker, which were very important if you wanted to take pictures on the go. The Note 5 at the very least should still boast the same or higher sensor as the S6, standing at 16MP, while rumors are stating the Google camera’s API might have a hand in development.

The iPhone 6S series may move up from 8MP to 12MP. Apple had recently acquired LinX, a company that specializes in developing cameras for Smartphone. LinX had said that it was possible for a Smartphone camera shot to be on pariPhone-6S-camera-specs with a DLSR quality shot. The camera has always been a reliable selling point for Apple, and this time around looks to be no different.

Finally, the new camera features of the Note 5 will supposedly be coming with the upcoming software, which is Android 5.1. This is the only information so far about the OS.

As for the Apple corner, the iPhone 6S series will not be running on the current OS- iOS9 is in development and may be the launching OS for the 6S series. iOS9 will focus on stability and giving Siri an upgrade, as well as possibly other features. Here is hoping that it will not take up any more storage space.

5 Simple Mac Maintenance Tips

When you are powered by Mac or Windows, it is essential to perform consistent maintenance on the computer you are using, the server and even the network. Besides doing well for your hardware, it is also advantageous for your productivity because it will make mac-maintenancesure that the system you are using is working excellently. In addition, same as finding an orphan sock when you do your house cleaning when you consistently clean and maintain your computer, you are more likely to discover a misplaced file.
Below are some the essential yet very simple Mac maintenance tips that must be done at least once a month. Some applications may also help you in setting up a reminder to do all these tasks at different intervals. Almost all of these tasks were compiled from different articles written by Mac gurus such as Randy Singer, Ben Stevens, and David Sparks.
Most of what has been written about Mac maintenance is restricted to a particular version of Mac OS X, which is pronounced as O – S – Ten, and with every new version coming out, some of its maintenance develops into an automatic maintenance by the OS itself. Keeping that in mind, this list is tailored already to the latest OS 10.10 or known as Yosemite. It should not vary too much from the previous versions:
1.Weed Login Items
Login items are those applications that send off automatically when you start booting up the system, or you start to login to your personal account. In System Preferences, you may go to Users & Groups, choose your account, and then click on Login Items. osx-maintenance-login-itemsRemove everything that is not important in a startup. It will only take you less than a minute to perform this, and it may eliminate seconds off your boot time.
2.Make use of Disk Utility to check HD Health & Repair Permissions
This tip is very easy to do. While your Disk Utility is open, choose your main hard disk, which is named Macintosh HD by default. Click the repair disk permissions. There are times that it will take several minutes to complete the process; however, patience is a virtue.
As very simple as it is, which to some users do not perform this regularly, especially to those who uses desktop computers. It is a must for you to restart all your computers even once a week. You may dehumanize this task by automating the system to restart.
4.Re-launching of Web Browsers
Same as restarting your computer, it is important to re-launch your web browser once in a while. However, this will not be needed anymore if you regularly restart your computer.
5.Update Software
From your Apple menu, choose Software Update. Again, as simple and easy as it is, most people ignore how essential it is to perform software-updatethis. Maintaining your computer software up to date will guarantee that you are using the newest tools that Apple has made to prevent malware developers and hackers from entering your system. Do not forget to make your third-party apps updates too, especially if you are using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser. If you make use of your Dropbox, make sure to check your account in dropbox.com regularly, to be able to check if you still have the newest version. To know what version you have, choose the Dropbox icon in your menu bar, then choose the small gear icon, and click Preferences. As soon as the dialog box opens, choose Account. If the number appeared is lower than the ones listed on Dropbox’s site, install and download the latest version.
Doing these 5 maintenance tips even once every month, will definitely help maintain your Mac from running smoothly and safely.

Reviews of Top 10 Antivirus 2015

Installing antivirus in all kinds of smartphones, computers, laptops, and other devices has become need of the hour primarily because of wide range of internet threats prevalent today. Antivirus softwares work by detecting, preventing, removing or disarming malicious softwares or programs. Top 10 antivirus softwares are given below:

#1.Kaspersky Total Security 2015kaspersky 2015

This security suit is for Andorid, ipad, iphone, windows, and Mac. It comes with straightforward and simple installation process. Interface is clear where every tile in home window would lead to settings and status information. The complete suite includes firewall, parental control, anti-spam, antivirus, anti-phishing, online browser protection, online banking security, and lots more. This tool will protect banking details as it combines website security check with virtual keyboard and encrypted connections. Some latest features induced in it are webcam security, stop intruders hacking especially into phone camera, tablet, or notebook.

#2.Bitdefender Internet Security 2015

It is counted among the best security tools for laptops and Personal Computers. Post installation, it provides tiles interface similar to that of Windows8. There will be 4 subsidiary tiles and 3 large tiles for giving easy and quick access to all key functions of the program.bitdefender internet security 2015 Its features include 2-way firewall protection, online backup, parental control, anti-theft provision, anti-malware, antivirus, tune-up, online banking protection, and anti-spam, among many others which can be found in a more detailed review of Bitdefender 2015.

#3.G Data totalprotection

This internet security tool is from G Data that is German company. This suite includes anti-spam, browser protection, parental control, firewall, and antivirus kind of features. It offers secure data store, backup, and startup manager including FTP though online storage isn’t included. The interface is revamped so as to give better effect. G Data offers conventional layout where there are 9 icons along top panel, each icon acting as tab to corresponding control region. Well organised individual panels with switches and checkboxes are organised and clear. A feature known as BankGuard is for browser protection that resides in browser for defending installed Trojans post SSL-encrypted data.

#4.eScan total security

This is a good value and quick internet security software for android, PC, and Mac. It comes with freshly designed interface that is easy-to-understand. Nine panels are there. Any panel when clicked will lead to info overlay and settings. Separate links are provided at bottom for update and scan as well as for series of utilities. For mails and files, 9 main panels provide AV. It offers privacy control, web protection, anti-spam, two-way firewall, identity protection, cloud protection, as well as endpoint security (USB and other drive cleaning). This software comes with flexible scan mode enabling scanning of registry, entire PC, memory, CD/DVDs, USB drives, as well as completely customisable scanning.

#5.Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2015

This security software is light in weight and has fair speed. It takes less time to start as well as shutdown. It comes with on-demand manual scanning, on-access scanning, and many more features. User interface of Trend Micro is pretty simple to understand. Its primary window includes 5 tabs namely Family, data, privacy, Mobile/PC, and overview tab. The screen includes settings button, scan button, as well as security-report button. It offers complete protection against virus, malware, spyware, and so on.

#6.F-Secure Internet Security 2015

This is a multi-platform security tool that is available at extremely reasonable price. This antivirus tool is for Android, Mac, as well as Windows Operating Systems. It offers features like firewall protection, parental control, anti-spam modules, anti-malware, AV, and many more. The android version comes with mobile security feature wherein remote data protection on stolen laptop is also provided. For PC, it offers parental control feature that helps parents in keeping an eye on their kid’s internet activities.

#7.Bullguard Internet Security 2015

This is among the most comprehensive and best security suites available in market and offers excellent protection against virus as well as malware. The core modules of Bullguard Internet Security include anti-virus, spam filter, vulnerability scanner, online back-up, tune-up, safe browsing, spam filter, firewall, parental control, and so on. It comes with revamped interface meaning cleaner look. Each primary module has small control panel that is within home screen. It has unusually comprehensive backup facility with ability to not just set different schedules for varying folders, files, and ad categories but also to offer control on number of backup copies that are kept in addition to setting different schedules to remove older backups.

#8.Symantec Norton 360

This is a new and fresh internet security tool that comes with core modules for covering anti-spyware, 2-way firewall, browser protection, anti-spam, anti-virus, and lots more. It offers features like identity protection, PC tune-up, online backup, online storage, and parental control. Entire suite can be controlled using single window that displays 4 yellow coloured panels on white background. The 4 panels include Tuneup, Backup, Identity, and Security with security covering updates, firewall, and scans. With separate Task panel, it becomes easy to perform individual tasks as well as drill down. Several extras have been incorporated in this product so as to offer complete protection.

#9.Qihoo 360 Internet Security

This security suite is modern and clean. Though it has limited features, yet its performance is excellent. This is antivirus protection software that provides support against all kinds of malware and spyware by checking suspicious usage of system resources. Web protection feature works by using database of familiar troublesome sites as well as issues anti-phishing alerts. Sandbox is also available with this tool where individuals can load their untested programs foMacAFee LiveSafe 2015r checking for threats. Its trace cleaner will remove unwanted media remnants as well as browsing history.

#10.McAfee LiveSafe

This is a reliable internet security suite offering great value protection for mobiles, laptops, and PCs. This is one of the most economical ways of protecting your tablets, smartphones, laptops, and PCs. Though it is designed for Windows PC, it has applications for iOS, android, and OS X as well. There are large tiles performing 4 primary functions like subscription, home and PC network tools, data protection, and parental controls. It comes with transaction protection and web browser guard feature as well.

Seven Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Websites

boost web trafficSeveral creative ways are there for increasing traffic to the site. Till the time one is creating original, good content, they must see natural increment in traffic. Those who are looking for some great ways of increasing traffic can make use of video marketing, article marketing, PPC, social media, and many others detailed below:

1.Article marketing

This includes writing good quality articles that are original as well. The first step towards article marketing is developing good headlines because this is the first thing that readers and typically is the only thing that one sees when articles are shared. Headlines should be one that can draw quick attention of the readers. Good headline will dramatically increase views when your article is shared on social networking sites. The next step towards article marketing is to write rich content. Articles good in quality would get better ranking in search results. Ensure that the articles are addressing needs of readers so that they are able to find complete information needed by them at one spot. It is one of the simplest, fastest, and easiest ways of increasing traffic to your website. Content created must be useful and helpful. Information offered to readers should assist them in achieving their goal, solving their issues, entertaining them, and giving them a good laugh. Create content that can be shared because in this internet marketing world, sharable content acts like king. One content must be sharable easily so that it is easy for readers to spread a word for you. Article should be a combination of good content, attractive headline, and interesting image. Share your article through Twitter, Facebook, and various other networks.

2.Video marketing

There are several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques available in the market that can help you drive traffic to your site and video marketing is one and one of the best among them. When you create promotional material, it reaches millions thereby providing lots of statistical information that enables better targeting as well as creation of enhanced marketing material. Video marketing comes with high viral potential. Videos offer unique benefits of allowing individuals to catch interest of audience when they have stopped watching and lost interest. With the help of YouTube, you can drive potential and free traffic to your site. YouTube is not the only video platform online but it is recognized as social media power. Its interface is optimized for making it simple to viewers to click as well as share. When designing videos for video marketing make sure you maintain punctuality. Viewers must be fed with steady stream of useful resources and tips. There isn’t any point wasting money, time, and energy on videos that don’t have anything valuable to say. Hence, it is important focusing on good content. Various online video platforms survive on user comments hence if some user has commented on video of yours; you must be prompt as well as helpful in responding.

3.Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) advertisements generally appears in coloured boxes on your search result pages. They will be separate from ppcregular search results that are available on maximum search engines as well as portals. Using PPC marketing, one can purchase search engine traffic depending on relevant keywords that are bought in auction model. For every click you are required to pay hence targeting is pretty important. Several smaller PPC networks are there but it is good to begin with large ones so as to make sure you are purchasing only quality traffic. The two major PPC giants are Google Adwords and Overture. There are some individuals who do well in online marketing with Google Adwords whereas for some Overture works great. This is low cost marketing that can be used by new as well as experienced website owners for increasing traffic to their site.

4.Link to bloggers

You can link to bloggers that are there in your post. When you link others to post of yours, it would help them take notice of your presence as maximum would be tweeting about post of yours. There will be some who will even be backlinking to you. Backlinks are the easiest as well as free ways of driving traffic to your site.

5.Use email signature

Let all the emails that are sent by you work harder. You can place a link to your site in email signature of yours. Individuals are lazy hence they don’t prefer taking out time for finding what your website is or even take pains of typing it in URL bar. For making things simple for them, place a link of your website post your name in signature of yours. This will make your website just a click away.

6.Be case study

Individuals and businesses always require testimonials saying their service or product works. When one ends-up being case study that one is showcasing on their website, it would end-up sending them good recurring traffic in addition to establishing them as someone of high importance. When one tries a service or product in their niche and it is found useful, one would be sending email traffic sources going  to your website!saying stating that they have used your service or product, it does this, and it was good. One must be detailed in how the particular product or service helped them.

7.Social Networks

Make use of social networks for expanding your reach as well as driving traffic to your site. Social networking is largely important as well as ensures that you are having solid presence which means large impact on views. Compelling content must be posted and one will soon get loyal following. Share as well as follow with others who in turn would reciprocate as well as follow you. Variety of ways are there using which you can employ social networks for your benefit. It depends on your website’s requirements. One can also create a fanpage. With social networking sites like Facebook, one can create fan pages for their company or site. It would allow individuals to share new articles quickly with their Facebook followers in addition to sharing other related content.

How to Hide Personal Computer Files to Prevent Others See my Files

Sometimes, users want to hide some folders and files on the computer for many reasons. Each one of us likes privacy. They don’t want anyone to see their stuff, which is downloaded from Internet. Sometimes, your computer is being shared by one of your family secure_filesmembers and you don’t want him/her to see your private data.  Many a times, the system administrator can also remotely access files. Therefore, it becomes very important to hide personal computer files so that they may not be visible to anyone. There are some of the ways, by which data can be hidden on computer from others. Each one of us sharing the computer is asking about, How to hide personal computer files to prevent others see my files?

One of the easiest ways is to use USB flash drive, which can store confidential files. They are inexpensive in nature and you can get sixteen GB disk for less than ten dollars. Some of the disks are very thin so that they can fit into wallet easily, just like your credit card. The other option can be storing the files on physical disk or rather uploading them to other places like Google Docs (Capacity of 1GB), SkyDrive (25 GB), or Box (5 GB).

Dropbox is another best option for online storage of files as it can synchronize files automatically with your hard drive. Email accounts in web are also used to store files by simply attaching them in the form of messages and emailing to own account. Maximum size of files is only 10 MB and the limit is 25 MB, in case of email. Storing executable files is also possible by change the extension of file, before actually attaching it. You can also hide your confidential files by saving them in folder and keeping it inside My Lockbox. In case, you want to hide many files or folders, then Winmend utility is the best tool.

Winmend gives you the option to hide individual as well as many files. If anyone wants to access them you need to know the password to erase, or edit any of these hidden folders or files. One can also make an effective use of disguise folders, a free utility for windows that can be used to disguise any folder like a system folder. When these dprivate-files-privacy-securityisguised folders are opened inside windows explorer, they will open the folder matching to the appearance.

But in case, the same folder is opened through disguised folders, it would reveal the actual content of that folder. The other way of hiding files and folder on the computer is stenography, which includes embedding images, documents and other files. Private files can also be embedded into another file, which can be a JPEG or the MP3 audio file. Hiding entire folder into another file needs compressing into zipped files. When these contained files are double clicked, an image, or MP3 file can open in default media player. Internally, they can hold all private files. You can also secretly hide files inside JPEG or regular MP3 files.

What is Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and How to Deal With It

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is a set of continuous and stealthy computer hacking process that is usually orchestrated by individual(s) targeting specific entity. Advanced Persistent Threat generally targets nations and/or organizations for political or business motives. APT processes need higher degree of covertness for long time period. Advanced processes signify sophisticated techniques making use of malware for exploiting vulnerabilities in systems. As per persistent process, external command as well as control system is monitoring and extracting information continuously from specific target. Threat process hints human involvement in attack orchestrating.

Usually APT refers to group like government with capability as well as intent to target specific entity effectively and persistently. The term is used commonly when referring to cyber threats, particularly of the internet-enabled espionage that uses variety of techniques for intelligence gathering for accessing sensitive information. This term equally applies to many other threats like that of traditional attack or espionage. There are other attack vectors recognized including supply chain compromise, infected media, and social engineering. Aim of such attacks is placing customized malicious code on single or multiple systems for particular tasks as well as for remaining undetected for longest time possible. Knowing attacker artifacts like file name can assist professional search network wide for gathering all effected systems. Individual hackers usually are not referred to as APT because they rarely are having resources to be persistent and advanced even if they intent on attacking or gaining access to specific target.

Advanced- there are criminal operators behind threat utilizing complete spectrum of system intrusion techniques and technologies. While individual attack components can’t be classed particularly as “advanced”, their operators typically can access as well as develop much advanced tools whenever needed. These combine several attack tools and methodologies for reaching and compromising their target.

Persistent – Criminal operators offer priority to particular task instead of opportunistically seeking financial gain immediately. The distinction implies that external entities guide attackers. Attacks are conducted via continuous interaction and monitoring so as to achieve defined objectives. This doesn’t mean barrage of malware updates and constant attacks. The fact is that slow and low approach is much successful.

Threat – Threat means there is level of coordinated involvement of humans in the attack instead of just automated and mindless piece of code. Criminal operators generally have specific objective as well as are well funded, organized, motivated, and skilled.

In order to deal with APT, it is important to know how it works. Advanced Persistent Threat makes use of multiple phases for breaking into the network, avoiding detection, and harvesting valuable data over long term.Advanced_persistent_threat_lifecycle

1.Reconnaissance – Attackers will leverage information from wide range of factors for understanding their target.

2.Incursion – Attackers will break into network using social engineering for delivering targeted malware mainly to vulnerable people and systems.

3.Discovery – As soon as attackers are able to enter a network, they will stay low and slow for avoiding detection. Then they map defense of organization from inside, creating a battle plan, and deploying multiple kill chains in parallel for ensuring success.

4.Capture – Attackers will gain access to unprotected systems as well as capture data over extended time period. These can also install malware for secretly acquiring data or disrupting operations.

5.Exfiltration – information captured is sent to home based team of attackers for analysis as well as further exploitation fraud.

There are tools and techniques for combating APT. URL filtering and using Antivirus are some of the popular ways used. According to some well-known third-party internet security software review, top security products can effectively defend against APT.  But these tools don’t guarantee 100% security. It is because it is pretty simple for attackers to modify known threats. They can make known threats unknown for sufficient time after which it can slip past URL filter or AV engine. This is the reason why complete content inspection is done and everything that is untrusted is considered as threat. Visibility in detection is the biggest weakness for maximum companies mainly because they deploy wide range of disparate security techniques and technologies. Maximum anti-viruses work towards saving your system or network from malware threats. It first sees to visibility. This means the software sees what all is happening right now on each system. Next it detects attacks without signatures in real time. In response, it makes use of antivirusrecoded history for seeing full kill chain of the attack. In prevention stage, attack is stopped with customized and proactive techniques. Antivirus tools cannot stop APT but they only prevent different malware attacks with signatures seen previously. It is good to keep your antivirus tools running all the time. Wide range of solutions is there for which you can contact organizations specializing in APT so as to get best solution for your enterprise. Nowadays, corporate clients and computer industries are searching for better security solutions so that they can keep their vital data and other information safe.

Specialized threat protection tools perform network-wide monitoring for detecting zero-day malware, attacker behavior, and malicious actions that aren’t visible to standard security defence systems. These security platforms are integrated uniquely with security control point all across network. These tools detect as well as block attacks that occur through personal and corporate email, mobile device, and social media applications, etc. These, block, detect command as well as control communications right back to cybercriminals or attempt moving laterally within the network to other important systems. Such techniques allow customer-defined, multiple sandboxes reflecting real-life environment hence allowing individuals determine whether or not they’ve been breached. The tools will detonate suspect code in controlled, safe environment optimized for evading hacker techniques looking out for sandboxing solutions.

Post detection, this solution enables users to profile in-depth origin, risk, as well as characteristics of attack. Such tools deliver actionable intelligence uniquely that guides remediatiation and rapid containment. Such tools deliver complete contextual visibility of attack, responding to specific attackers of yours. These solutions will provide insight like what data is being targeted, who those attackers are, how attack works, and who actually is sponsoring those attacks.

Uphold Network Confidentiality By Opting Tor

Tor system is conceived for perfect online anonymity, linked by virtual tunnels maze which employ Onion routing for communication. Though slightly puzzling, Tor mechanism involves a client application along with server network which conceals tor networkuser’s address & identifiable details. Tor makes it extremely hard to track the user’s online actions, involving portal visits and instant messaging. The prime objectives of Tor scheme lies in preserving individual freedom and fundamental civil rights across the web, secure privacy and restrict internet censorship.

The onion routing technology contained in Tor features various relay routers which only perceive the web address of final linking router without anything at the back. They only receive the instant sender address carrying coded message informing relay router about the forthcoming node’s address. The relay routers operated by volunteers at different locations, and as no midway router namely Tor understands the signal creating machine, which assures maximum anonymity on the internet. By maintaining the network access points obscured and ciphered, Tor guarantees that neither scrutiny nor traffic examination procedure is able to locate the two physical computers which interact.

The concept of onion router resembles an onion which has layers upon layers. Similarly in an onion router the hidden message is deciphered from successive layers with every fresh layer informing the router about the whereabouts of the subsequent recipient. Such procedure restricts the middle nodes from ascertaining the source, destination as well as the subject-matter of message.Tor has onionroutingwidespread application as people utilise Tor to prevent websites from locating them or their family persons or for joining news portals, quick messaging facilities, or in situations where they are obstructed by local internet services. The concealed services of Tor allow the users to publish portals without disclosing the site address.

Further, Tor is also employed by individuals during socially relevant interaction, chat rooms or for web forums relating to survivors of abuses or afflicted persons. Tor aids journalists in interacting with whistleblowers while NGOs utilize Tor to permit its staff to visit their home portal while abroad without intimating nearby people about their association with that enterprise. Tor promotes latest communication techniques for software developers with integrated privacy features. Tor also offers a series of applications which enables enterprises plus persons to exchange information across public systems without endangering privacy.

Tor safeguards against the popular internet surveillance termed traffic analysis which helps in identifying the persons interacting within public network. One can follow your behavioural trends and preferences by learning about the origin and final address of your web traffic. Thus your checkbook can be affected like when an e-commerce portal utilizes price differentiation on the basis of your nationality or place of origin. It can also harm your job as well as your physical well-being by disclosing your identity and location.

To stay secure while implementing Tor using SSL remains the finest option. By strictly adhering to SSL and only accessing https portals, you will have ciphered traffic along with secure connection. However, the official Tor client is very difficult to configure and it is controlled from the command line. If you just install it and run it, you will not make your browsing really anonymous even if your ip address is changed – you have to carefully configure both the client and each of your programs that you really want to be anonymous on the Internet. So, if you are not a computer specialist or just want to save your time & effort in complicated configuring , you can employ handy third-party tools like MaskSurf Proxy Chain, which has done everything needed for you to be total anonymous online.

How to prevent traffic interception in public networks

Traffic interception in public networks is done for theft of data or of other important files, though it can be done legally by competent authority for analysis and evidence purposes. The data on network can be altered, read or even hijacked. Attacker may be passive, observing regular communication or may be observing precisely expressed data channel to read the content.
A packet sniffer or packet analyzer tool on computer helps to read all plain text traffic. The sniffer captures every packet of data from data stream, decodes its raw data. It shows the values of different fields in the decoded packet. It is further analyzed for content according to specifications.pack sniffer
Traffic Encryption is the right answer to prevent traffic interception in public networks. Virtual private networks provide secured services for transferring data and files. IPSec which is frame work of open standards provides security in transmission of data by acting as a network layer. This layer protects and authenticates IP packets between the devices on unprotected internet like public networks. It is a high quality cryptographically based security.
Data confidentiality and integrity during transmission is ensured by this program. It also detects the replayed packets to reject them. It is also possible to authenticate the source from where the packet is sent and in this way one can ensure that data has not been intercepted during transmission. MACSec is another security which identifies unauthorized LAN connections and excludes them from communications. WebVPN is also a security device which can be used to prevent traffic interception in public networks.
In one of the ways of computer security, man-in-the-middle attack, it is required by an attacker to be able to monitor and alter messages into a communication channel. This can happen in active eavesdropping which requires attacker to make individual contacts with all victims of interception. In this way the attacker supplies messages to individuals while they believe that they are talking to each other on a man in the middle attackprivate connection. The entire conversation is under control of the attacker.
In man-in-the-middle attack, the attacker should be capable of intercepting all messages in-between the two victims and processing of new messages. One such case is that attacker can easily insert himself like a man-in-the-middle within the reception range of some unencrypted Wi-Fi wireless point.
This type of attack is successful under those circumstances when attacker is able to impersonate at each point satisfactorily. To prevent man-in-the-middle attack, cryptographic protocols include endpoint authentication devices like TLS with trusted certification authority. Additionally, provision of exchange or transmission of data/information on other secured channel is a good idea to recover loss due to this attack. Interlock protocols like methods with different other security requirements for secured channel have been developed with use of latest advancements in technology.
Other defenses against man-in-the-middle attack include stronger mutual authentication, certificate pinning, public key infrastructures, secure DNS extensions and verification of public keys with trusted certification authorities. Interception in traffic in public network should be immediately tackled before you get unbearable loss.